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Hello! My name is Lily and I am a quite the cutie of a hedgehog! Below are pictures of my wonderful friends and Hedgie Pals!

Hemi! Owner of Courtney
Hello. My name is Hemi. I am a Chocolate Chip (but don't eat me!) Female. My birthdate is 02/23/05.

Razzle! Owner of Debbie!
My name is Razzle, I am a Chocolate (not edible!) Male. My birthdate is approx. 05/01/04!

Razzle's likes are running, crickets, and napping in his igloo!!!

Aquila! Owner of Audrey!!
Hello my name is Aquila! I am a female Hedgie! My birthdate is 7/14/05!

Aquila has a slight disability, but that doesn't get her down! She is blind in one eye, but she is still very curious and explorative!! She's a trooper!

Herb! Owner of Laura!
I am a Chocolate Chip Male. My birthdate is Unknown (I like to keep it a secret! hehe)

Hello! My name is Herb. I came from someone who couldn't care for me anymore. I have TONS of personality (unlike my boring brothers! hehe). I am quite friendly and tolerant. I am the guard hedgie of the group (look at these teeth!). I will chase after people's feet and bite toes if I catch you! I like to come out and eat as soon as my mommy puts the bowl down! (I am mommy's little Piggy!)
Fave Treats: Nothing! (only my kibble thank you!)
Nic Names: Stinky, Herbie, Mommy's Little Piggy, Mr. Flops

Bosco! Owner of Laura!
I am a Chocolate Male. My birthdate is February 2004.

Hello! I'm Bosco! I am mommy's first hedgie. I came to her in a margarine container filler with shavings and was extremely grumpy! But after a while with some daily handling, I became more friendly. But after awhile, I came to like being left alone. Handling would actually stress me out and I would have panic attacks :( . But mommy says I am still her favourite! yay! and I am her most photogenic hedgie! I share my birthday with Mommy :) .
Fave Treats: Green Peas and Hamburger Meat
Nic Names: Boscorelli, Little Man, Huffle Monster, Grumpy Pants

Murdoc! Owner of Laura!
I am an Algerian Cinnamon Male. My birthdate is July 2004.

Hello! My name is Murdoc. I am mommy's second hedgie. Mommy got me from a pet store where I was overweight, in a cage with a food dish, water bottle and a hidey house. Mommy just couldn't resist me! I am shy. I don't like loud noises or fast movements. I am VERY fussy about my food and will stop eating at times if there is a change in my diet. I have racked up high vet bills for mommy, but she loves me anyhow! (Even with the threats of selling me to a zoo! :P) (Don't tell her, but I never believe her!)
Fave Treats: Chicken baby food and Hamburger meat
Nic Name: Fatty, Tubby, Magoo

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