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This is Lily!

My Girl
She is on Jason! Not me! hehe

Hello! My name is Lily! I think it's because I am as pretty as the flower! hehe
I orginially came from Hamilton, where my mommy was Penny. She was a great mommy, and unfortunately I think I gave her many hard times! (I'm a solo gal! haha)
One day, this wonderful girl came to get me! Apparently they had a VERY handsome boy, Kazz, that they wanted me to meet. I was definitely a lil uncertain about this and to show it, I was extremely grumpy for Janine. But after being with Janine for a lil bit, I came to realize that she is alright and decided that I do like her!

And then I met Kazz. WOW! Hes a looker! It was love at first sight (and chirp). He sings a beautiful song for me whenever I see him! I just couldn't resist!
So by this point, Janine, my mommy, feel head over heels for me (of course! Who wouldn't!). She begged and asked Penny if I could stay with her, forever. Penny agreed (which is great for me too because I like new home and wasn't looking forward to the trip back to Hamilton! hehe.

I agreed with my mommy that Penny could have a pick of my litter (when I have them) for being such a great mommy to me before I came to Janine.

This is all very exciting! My mommy spoils me something awful! I even got a brand new, quiet wheel and a teeter tooter to play in! (Courtesy of Nancy @ The Hedgie Den).
I think I will definitely enjoy living the rest of my days here with my Mommy! Thank you for listening to my story! I will update more as time goes by (and when I can push Mommy away from the computer so I can get on! hehe)!
Kisses from Lily!

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