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My name is Janine. And this is my site!
I have created this site because I am interested in being a small hobby breeder. Right now, I own a beautiful girl, Lily. I am hoping to expand my hedgie zoo as soon as possible!
Please take a few moments and look around! Thank you!

What's New?

Entry's about updates. Make sure to stay on top of the events!
02/09/06 - Last day Lily and Kazz were together for mating!
03/01/06 - Created website for Lily and future Hedgies!
03/05/06 - Lily was given her nesting box!!!
03/10/06 - Took Lily's wheel from her. She was not at all happy about that!
03/21/06 - Day 40 from first mating session, still no babies :( (Day 37 from last day they were together)
03/21/06 - Added a fabrics page to the site. C'mon people, check it out!
04/03/06 - No babies from Lily this time. Back in with Kazz for a week!
04/07/06 - Openned online shop!

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